5 Ways to Reclaim Your Evenings: Do this to Stop Working Late Nights

It’s 9 PM, the kids are finally asleep, and you find yourself at the kitchen table, laptop open, coffee in hand, trying to finish the work you didn’t get to during the day. Sound familiar? For many mompreneurs, this late-night hustle has become a nightly ritual. You want to be present with your family during the day, but the demands of running an online business keep you tethered to your screen long after the sun goes down.

But here’s the thing – working late at night is taking a toll on your health, your family time, and your overall well-being. You’re exhausted, spread thin, and constantly worried that if you don’t keep pushing, everything will fall apart. What if I told you there’s a better way? A way to reclaim your evenings and stop working late at night without sacrificing your business growth or income?

How would you like some powerful strategies to help you take back your evenings? These 5 tips will help you maximize your productivity during the day, so you can close that laptop by 3 PM, enjoy dinner with your family, and finally relax in the evenings. Say goodbye to those late-night work sessions and hello to a more balanced, fulfilling life. Let’s dive in and explore how you can stop working late at night and start reclaiming your time.

1. Clear Your Mind

Free Your Mind So You Stop Interrupting Yourself

Imagine you’re trying to focus on an important project, but your brain keeps reminding you about things you need to do for your daughter’s birthday party next week. Your brain wants to protect you from forgetting anything, but has a terrible sense of time. So it reminds you at the wrong time – when you are trying to get something else done.

You can clear your mind of all these things and stop the distractions. Take 5 minutes and write down everything on your mind.

If you are anything like me… you’re probably trying to do way more than is humanly possible. Is there anything you can let go of and cross off? Anything you can push off to next month or next week?

2. Have a Clear Actionable List

Know Exactly What To Do So You Can Easily Take Action

How often do you look at your task list, read through it and then go check your email instead of doing anything on it? Instead of having actionable tasks on their list, many of my clients have vague concepts or projects. And since your unconscious mind is making 95% of your decisions, when you read through your list it doesn’t know what to do with it so it takes you to something it knows how to do – check messages!

If you were to read off the items on your list to someone else would they understand what to do?

Get super specific. Make sure it is the next item. It should start with a verb. Let’s say you are a web designer working on the website for ABC Coffee House. You wouldn’t have something like “build website” on your list. It might be something like “built About Us page for ABC Coffee House website”.

Go to your list you created in step one and identify what must happen by the end of the day and rewrite it onto your “Today” list. Make sure it is the next actionable step.

3. Clear Your Work Area

Clear Your Space, For Fewer Distractions

Sometimes when I’m juggling a lot of projects, my desk will get cluttered with papers and folders. I notice a very steep decline in my ability to focus. My brain is unconsciously scouring the mess for things it needs to do. The same applies to open tabs and documents.

When you create a blank canvas to work from, your mind can more easily focus on the one thing you want it to focus on. To clear your work area, start by removing everything you don’t need for your current task. If it will take more than 5 minutes to clean it up, create a pile and place it out of view. Close down any open documents, you can write them down on the list you created in number 1 if there is something you need to do. The OneTab Chrome extension is a great way to quickly close open tabs to get them out of sight without losing them.

Take a few minutes to put away all distractions.

4. Set Up Deep Work Sessions

Deep Work Sessions: Your Key to Working Less

If you spend just two hours in a deep work session, you might accomplish more than in an entire day of interrupted work. This efficiency allows you to finish your tasks within regular work hours and enjoy your evenings without stress.

To set up a deep work session, choose a time of day when you feel most alert and energized. During this period, block all distractions—turn off notifications, close unnecessary tabs, (consider moving your phone to another room) and let your family know you need uninterrupted time. Set a timer for 90 minutes. Focus on checking off items from your “Today” list.

When will you do your Deep Work Sessions?

5. Take Breaks to Recharge

The Power of Breaks: Recharge and Reclaim Your Evenings

It’s silly but we have to remind ourselves that we are not machines. Without proper breaks our performance declines. An athlete creates a workout routine of work days and rest days to optimize performance. But many entrepreneurs work themselves into low performance mode. Why? Because the brain is great at tricking us into thinking we need to keep working. To get around this we have to create schedules and stick to it.

And if you are thinking of spending your breaks reading your phone or scrolling through social media… you’re not truly recharging. Instead, step away from screens and do something that genuinely relaxes you, like taking a walk, stretching, or meditating. Even just a few minutes of these activities help reset your mind and body, making you more productive so you can stop working late at night.

Clearing your mind, having a clear actionable list, organizing your workspace, setting up deep work sessions, and building proper breaks are all simple, yet powerful, ways to boost your productivity and maintain a healthier work-life balance.

You don’t have to sacrifice your personal time for the sake of your business. By making these small changes, you’ll find that you can get more done during your regular work hours, leaving you with more time to relax, recharge, and spend quality time with your family.

Remember, it’s not about working harder; it’s about working smarter. Take a few minutes to apply these tips each day, and you’ll soon see a significant improvement in your efficiency and overall well-being. Here’s to reclaiming your evenings and enjoying a more balanced, fulfilling life!

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