If you are feeling overworked and spread too thin...
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Hi, I’m NJ Shelsby,

and I GET IT … because I have been there.

In 2002 I was on top of my game in the corporate world. But the long hours, lack of sleep, and constant stress caught up with me … and my life fell apart.  Stress induced memory loss, an autoimmune disease, the loss of my father, and a failed marriage all hit in about a year.

That’s when my passion was born: to help successful professionals be more productive, so they can spend time on what really matters. I quit my corporate job and started my business as a life coach.

A little bit about NJ...


However (ironically) I found that working for myself meant I worked even more hours! And everything seemed to take longer than it used to. I struggled to get organized in the "work from home" environment.  The world was going digital, and my paper planner wasn't doing the trick anymore.  There was so much to do … and not enough time to do it all. (There were … so. many. excuses.)

The projects and plans that I knew would help me – like hiring an assistant or a bookkeeper – were always in the future.  There was never time to work on them. 

I worked harder to get ahead.  But the work kept coming.  Emails, meetings, texts never stopped vying for my attention.  I realized that in order to help my clients have a shorter work day AND a higher quality of life, I had to find it first for myself. I embarked on a journey to find the secret that would allow me to have the easy life.

One day … the years of research paid off in a blinding moment of clarity!

I learned that the actions I was taking (or not taking) were being determined by my unconscious mind.

You see, 95% of our actions are determined by our unconscious.  And (sadly) that part of my brain was being ruled by programming that was put in place when I was just a little girl.

Programming like “it's shameful to play when there is work to be done” (thanks big sister).  Or how about, “you have to be a high achiever to be loveable” (thanks dad).  Trust me, there are many more I found.

With programs like these running in the background, my brain focused on making sure I didn't do something that would cause me to be unlovable – like take a day off!

It kept me in a mode where I couldn't leave the unimportant work alone and focus on what was non-urgent but important – stuff that would break the pattern of overwhelm.  And since there was “always something to be done,” I couldn't get ahead.

Now that I knew that my unconscious mind was causing the problem – and that until I fixed this, none of the strategies I'd found could be effectively implemented – I worked on figuring out how to retrain my brain.

Utilizing my corporate background in process improvements, I took everything I learned, analyzed their efficiency and effectiveness, drilled down to the root causes and, ultimately, created a process that quickly and consistently produces results. 

The result is the Neuro Focus Shift Method (NFSM).  I created this program to help myself – and my clients – rewire the brain so it’s working to support us in reaching our goals … instead of working against us.

Now, I still work hard. But not all the time. And never when I’m tired. And I balance out the hard work with relaxation so I don’t get depleted. And everything that needs to get done gets done.

If my story resonates with you, I can help you break the cycle of hard work at the expense of your personal life.  Are you ready to work smarter, and live more?

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