If you are feeling overworked and spread too thin...

I can help

Hi, I’m NJ Shelsby,

and I GET IT … because I have been there.

I was on top of my game in the corporate world. But the long hours, lack of sleep, and constant stress caught up with me … and my life fell apart.  Stress induced memory loss, an autoimmune disease, the loss of my father, and a failed marriage all hit in about a year.

That’s when I got clear on what was really important in life. And my passion was born: to help successful professionals be more productive, so they can spend time on what really matters. 

Now I work as a productivity coach.

A little bit about NJ...


While other coaches give you the, "You can do it" spiel, I work with you to change the way you work.

You get immediate results - feeling less overwhelmed, more in control, and get more done.

If you're ready to make changes, I can help you break the cycle of hard work at the expense of your personal life.  Are you ready to work smarter, and live more?

Are DISTRACTIONS stealing your day?

If you’re tired of working hard -- but never getting the most important stuff done -- I’ve got a solution for you. Because you know, when you get really focused, you can totally rock it.  Follow these simple secrets to getting focused ... and get real things done ... things that will move your business and life forward.