If you're looking to grow your business but don't have the time... I can help.

 Hi, I’m NJ Shelsby...

One thing I have learned from over 15 years of coaching is that the number one thing that keeps business owners making less money is where they spend their time.

And while we think we are making conscious decisions about where we’re spending our time, we really aren’t.

Our unconscious mind is making 95% of our decisions. And our unconscious is programmed to keep us safe. Safe from failure, being overwhelmed by too much success, ridicule, rejection, feeling like a fraud, etc.

A little bit about NJ...

So, it keeps you from saying no, keeps you from delegating tasks, keeps you from spending time on the tasks that will give you the MOST visibility.

When you reprogram your unconscious mind so it doesn’t see these things as unsafe, you immediately start spending your time on the most leveraged activities and you get immediate results in your bottom line.

My zone of genius is uncovering what is holding you back from spending your time on the right things in your business. Where you are wasting time. Identifying the programs running your unconscious mind.

And then I quickly modify them so you can easily take the actions you want to take whether that is writing a book, launching a podcast, doing guest podcasting, posting on social media, launching an online course, doing public speaking.

Utilizing my corporate background in process improvements, and 20 years studying personal development I created a process that quickly and consistently produces results. I call this process the Neuro Focus Shift Method™ – a simple three-step process to harness the power of your subconscious mind so that it’s working FOR you instead of against you.

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