No, Really

You are meant for Big Things. It's time to remove the things that are holding you back and keeping you playing small.


Are DISTRACTIONS stealing your day?

If you’re tired of working hard -- but never getting the most important stuff done -- I’ve got a solution for you. Because you know, when you get really focused, you can totally rock it.  Follow these simple secrets to getting focused ... and get real things done ... things that will move your business and life forward.

Hey, I know you’re exhausted right now.

The day to day tasks of running your business and managing your life are all-consuming.

You’ve talked about your dream of having more passive income… launching a course so you can make money without so much 1:1 work.

But, there just isn’t enough time. I know you are barely getting everything done as it is. Ok, let’s get real - you aren’t getting everything done. Just enough that it doesn’t all come crashing down.

How long have you been waiting for things to slow down so that you can do this?

Does life ever really slow down? Doesn’t it just keep getting busier and busier?

What if we weren’t a victim here but instead we are creating our life by all the micro-decisions we make each day?

Furthermore, what if the majority of those decisions are being made by your unconscious mind?  It is.

Ninety-Five percent of your decisions are made by your unconscious. The part of your mind that has been biologically programmed to keep you safe. And what if this part of your brain is creating seemingly legitimate excuses to keep you small?

Your unconscious mind isn’t programmed for success. It’s programmed to avoid failure, rejection, being overworked and overwhelmed, being seen as a fraud - all the common success blocks.

And during stressful times we are in fight or flight mode and our unconscious is even more protective. Making it harder for us to take those risks like putting our work out into the world to be judged, or upleveling our business and risking being even more exhausted.

And that’s where I come in. I’ve developed a technique that makes it easy to calm the unconscious mind down so it isn’t stopping you from taking the action you need to take. So you can easily put your work out into the world and tell everyone about it.

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"I had a session with NJ yesterday and all I can say is OMG! Within about half an hour we’d worked out my blocks in terms of moving forward with growing my businesses. I didn’t realise how much I actually lack in self awareness, I thought I was really in-touch with myself, I didn’t even think I had any blocks!"

"If you really want to make a change and a difference in your business, I highly recommend making a commitment with NJ. She is driven, passionate, honest and dedicated to your success. There is no one better equipped to help you find your way back to your true purpose."