Focus Mastery Workshop

A One-Day Workshop where you Unplug and Become Laser-Focused on Your Top Priorities

Start Every Morning Clear, Energized, and Focused so you can be a rock star without sacrificing your health, family, or sanity.

Listen to NJ's latest guest podcast with Erica Ewing where she discusses tips on how to ditch the stress & get more done.

Are DISTRACTIONS stealing your day?

If you’re tired of working hard -- but never getting the most important stuff done -- I’ve got a solution for you. Because you know, when you get really focused, you can totally rock it.  Follow these simple secrets to getting focused ... and get real things done ... things that will move your business and life forward.

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in things you need to do? Everything feels like it’s urgent. Projects are racing through your head. You're trying to keep anything from dropping.

You end your day wondering where the time went, because you still have a full list of things to do. Our natural instinct is to think we have too much to do. But is the problem too much to do? Or that you aren't able to focus and get enough done during the day?

We're living in an unprecedented time. It wasn't that many years ago that a business owner had a calendar, a task list, an inbox and that was it. A secretary sorted everything coming in and put the important things in the inbox. Ahhh, imagine if life were so simple!

Today, the Trifecta of Overload is creating a never-ending cycle of overwhelm for professional women.

External Pressures bombard us with things to do. The pressure of text messages, seductive sales pitches, educational material, and social media. They trick us into thinking they are urgent.

Internal Struggles interfere with our prioritizing. Struggles like... fear of missing out, wanting to do everything, worrying about forgetting tasks, and fearing how people will react if you don't answer messages right away. They make it hard to focus on what's right in front of us.

Then you add in the Chaos Producing Habits. Habits like checking your phone all the time, doing many things at once, juggling too many projects, and working without a to-do list, etc. These habits steal your time and consume extra bandwidth.

Now you're in the Trifecta of Overload and your head will just spin... cycling through all that it has to do without being able to stop and get it done.

"Working with you has really helped me. I got much more done last week. To go on a trip relieved from all the tasks I have to do is such a gift. I can be present and enjoy myself not having to worry about what I have to do."   -- AG Business Owner

And this is where you turn to social media to distract yourself from feeling the overwhelm.

And when you do get back to work, your brain prioritizes what's easy to check off. It's like spending time cleaning out the bedroom closet to prepare for dinner guests. Sure, it feels great to have an organized closet, but it doesn't reduce the number of things you MUST get done.

The things that wake you up at 2 am in a panic because you didn't get them done.

The truth is we can't do it all. And all tasks are not created equal. But your unconscious mind doesn't realize either of these truths. And when you are in the Trifecta of Overload, your unconscious mind is deciding what you work on - and it's NOT your highest priorities.

When you break out of the Trifecta of Overload you can focus on your top priorities. You get more done. You feel at peace. No more worrying about what you have to do. You can take off for the weekend, or a vacation without having all the projects you have to do running through your head.

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