Do you ever start your day feeling like Super Woman, only to end up disappointed by how little you accomplished?

My passion is helping busy women business owners go to bed happy because they've got everything under control.

What others are saying . . .

In just one session, NJ miraculously "found" more time for me!

I was at a point in my business where I was scrambling to get everything done for my clients and wishing there were far more than 24 hours in a day. I was exhausted and working my butt off, yet still feeling like I wasn’t achieving much at all. The worst part was I didn't have any time left in my day to focus on marketing and growing my business. Then NJ came to my rescue!

She helped me map out a strategy that enabled me to have specific focus periods with zero distractions. This enabled me to kick some major butt and finish a project for a client. Implementing that strategy has made a huge difference in the amount of client work I can push out each day AND have time to grow my biz.

Pam Langford

Ridgetop Virtual Solutions

What if....

You started your day knowing exactly what to work on. And spent hours focused on your top priorities. With boundaries in place to limit interruptions.

What if you ended your day early, knowing you had everything done that needed to get done?

Imagine no more sleepless nights. No more waking up in a cold sweat at 2 am, remembering what you didn't get done.

"If only I had fewer things to do, everything would be so much easier."

What if the real problem is you aren't getting things done, so the list just keeps getting longer and longer?

Working with me is about breaking out of the Trifecta of Overwhelm.

It's part creating boundaries for the External Pressures that are pushing aside your priorities. Part dealing with the Internal Struggles that wreck your focus. And part replacing Chaos Producing Habits with habits that give your more focus time and more mental bandwidth.

At the end of your workday you'll sit back, breathe easy, and feel a sense of accomplishment. No more having a long list of things to do hanging over your head.

Question is, are you ready to take back control?

But, I don't have time...

Imagine you're heading to the airport to pick up your mother-in-law, and you're running late.

Suddenly, you get a flat tire.

Now you have to make a decision.

Should you keep driving, ignore the flat tire, and simply hope for the best because you're in a hurry? Or should you take a moment to fix the tire, so that you can drive to the airport at the posted speed (or lets be real... 15 miles over) without damaging the car?

Obviously, you would stop to fix the tire. Yet, so often we don't stop to take the time to fix how we're working. We just spend more time in front of our screens getting less and less done.

Are you ready to invest the time so you can get more done every day?

What others are saying . . .

Since working with NJ I take a very different approach and it’s made a world of difference!

My list of to-dos used to be MASSIVE, and a constant source of stress and anxiety. I’ve always prided myself on my organizational skills, but what I didn't realize was that I was tackling it all wrong and making things worse for myself. I was doing what I’d always done, choosing the urgent things, or things that made me feel good to check off, but it was actually creating more work and more stress.

I have a solid system in place that works like magic. Now I’ve had the sweet experience of absolutely flying through my list, and feeling calm and up to the challenge, there is NO going back to my stressed out ways. Thank you, NJ!

Laurie Litwack

Coach, Consultant, and Engineer at Today is Your Day

What others are saying . . .

If you have a chance to work with NJ - do it, she is the real deal!

I’d never even heard of the Neuro Focus Shift Method before, and I’ll be honest, I was cynical. But after just ONE session with NJ, I walked away feeling empowered and ready to start implementing new strategies that I KNOW are going to skyrocket my business.

She identified blocks I wasn’t even aware I had and cleared resistance around achieving some of my bigger goals.

I honestly don't feel overwhelmed anymore.

Vashti Starling

Personal Assistant at

My background in aerospace and medical devices has honed my ability to identify the root cause of issues, not just their symptoms. Now, as a productivity coach, I'm all about seeing beyond the surface and helping you remove what's sabotaging your productivity.

My clients experience REAL RESULTS ... and very QUICKLY ... thanks to my proprietary Neuro Focus Shift Method™. This simple, one of a kind technique allows you to make changes fast that have big, lasting effects.

Working with me, isn't about me telling you what to do differently. It's about us working through it together so you are actually doing it.

Are you tired of saying, 'where did the day go'?  Are you ready to stop distracting yourself to avoid feeling the overhwelm? I'd LOVE to help you get out of overwhelm, accomplish more every day, and sleep like a baby.