Is the business you love stealing precious time away from your loved ones?

My passion is helping busy online entrepreneurs *find* more hours in their day so they can get more (of what matters) done and have more time for fun.

And by ‘fun’ I mean REAL quality time with your family, where you’re not plugged in to devices or ‘just quickly’ checking your phone every few minutes. Real time for YOURSELF to focus on what’s important to you, whether that’s 20 minutes of meditation each day or a whole afternoon of gardening. And plenty of time to connect with your friends and treat yourself to a night out, or a weekend getaway, without guilt.

I can help you find that kind of freedom.

What others are saying . . .

In just one session, NJ miraculously "found" more time for me!

I was at a point in my business where I was scrambling to get everything done for my clients and wishing there were far more than 24 hours in a day. I was exhausted and working my butt off, yet still feeling like I wasn’t achieving much at all. The worst part was I didn't have any time left in my day to focus on marketing and growing my business. Then NJ came to my rescue!

She helped me map out a strategy that enabled me to have specific focus periods with zero distractions. This enabled me to kick some major butt and finish a project for a client. Implementing that strategy has made a huge difference in the amount of client work I can push out each day AND have time to grow my biz.

Pam Langford

Ridgetop Virtual Solutions

But first, I want to know . . .

Are there days you feel completely overwhelmed and a little overpowered by the online business you love so much? Like, if you were to take your eyes off the ball, for just a moment, everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve might somehow slip away - so you never really let yourself switch off?

Has your success, and the work you’re so proud of, come at a price that’s taking a toll on your health, relationships and time with family?

Do you sometimes secretly wonder if it’s all really worth it?

You know something needs to change.

You know you can’t keep working your ass off, hoping like hell next week will be slower and you’ll ‘catch up’. Because honey, that’s just not going to happen. Life will keep throwing you unexpected stuff to derail you -- like a snow day, sick kids, an unreasonable customer -- life’s just like that.

You know you’ve got to find a faster, easier way of working that lets you scale and grow your business so it becomes wildly profitable and truly sustainable.

You’re ready to discover a new way of working. A way that feels less intense, but gives you more traction. A way that accelerates your output, but reduces your stress levels. A way that, quite frankly, just works.

Question is,  are you ready for that kind of momentum?

See, here’s the thing . . .

The technology you rely on to run your online business - all the must-have apps and slick software platforms that promise to ‘save you time’ - is actually stealing it from you!

Websites are loaded with juicy clickbait material to DISTRACT US. Constant messages and notifications DEMAND OUR ATTENTION at every turn. Social media is designed by engineers and psychologists to KEEP US ENGAGED for as long as possible. And what we search for on Google follows us all around the internet with ads that REMIND US to return to their sites.

It’s creepy, insidious and downright draining!

What others are saying . . .

Since working with NJ I take a very different approach and it’s made a world of difference!

My list of to-dos used to be MASSIVE, and a constant source of stress and anxiety. I’ve always prided myself on my organizational skills, but what I didn't realize was that I was tackling it all wrong and making things worse for myself. I was doing what I’d always done, choosing the urgent things, or things that made me feel good to check off, but it was actually creating more work and more stress.

I have a solid system in place that works like magic. Now I’ve had the sweet experience of absolutely flying through my list, and feeling calm and up to the challenge, there is NO going back to my stressed out ways. Thank you, NJ!

Laurie Litwack

Coach, Consultant, and Engineer at Today is Your Day

Here are some problems you might be experiencing

Interruptions from notifications

Thanks to email, texts, social media, instant messaging and even news apps and games, you are interrupted approximately once every 3 minutes. And, it can take up to 11 minutes to regain your concentration! This creates blocks of time where all you’re doing is responding to the dings of notifications and you aren’t getting anything done that’s truly important to you!

Time lost on average: 2 hours a day.

Distractions from endless emails

Email has a powerfully disruptive effect that’s compounded by task switching. For example, imagine you’re writing a blog post. Your email is open. A new message pings. You check it. Your brain dumps the “blog post” info it was holding in short-term memory and loads the new info required to understand and respond to the email. When you're done handling the email, your brain has to dump that info and reload the blog post stuff again.

Time lost on average: 3 hours a day.

Social media time-sucks

About a third of people check their phones before getting out of bed each morning, and that’s usually to check social media. This starts your day focusing on things that are important to other people (not you) and can cause you to lose what most studies show is the most productive time of the day. Social media companies spend millions employing engineers and psychologists to figure out ways to keep you endlessly scrolling.

Time lost on average: 2 hours a day.

Don't let these productivity robbers steal any more of your precious time.

With just a few mindful tweaks, you CAN:




. . . so you have more time for what’s important to you.

What others are saying . . .

If you have a chance to work with NJ - do it, she is the real deal!

I’d never even heard of the Neuro Focus Shift Method before, and I’ll be honest, I was cynical. But after just ONE session with NJ, I walked away feeling empowered and ready to start implementing new strategies that I KNOW are going to skyrocket my business.

She identified blocks I wasn’t even aware I had and cleared resistance around achieving some of my bigger goals.

I honestly don't feel overwhelmed anymore.

Vashti Starling

Personal Assistant at

The reason my clients experience REAL RESULTS ... and very QUICKLY ... is thanks to my proprietary Neuro Focus Shift Method™. This simple, one of a kind technique allows you to break through natural resistance (that we all have) to making the small changes that have the biggest, most lasting effects.

This work is basically the difference between "knowing what to do" and straight up "getting it done."

I use the Neuro Focus Shift Method in all of my personalized coaching sessions and group programs because it eliminates the fears and negative emotional attachments that stand in the way of smooth and easy success.

Want fast results? There are several ways you can work with me to get ‘em.

Productivity Done Differently is my signature online group coaching program.

This 6-week transformative experience is for busy online entrepreneurs who are sick of being stuck to their screens and who want to GROW and SCALE their business while still having enough time to ENJOY life again.

Work 1:1 With Me

Productivity Realignment

is for those who are feeling overwhelmed and overworked with no idea how to get off the ‘busy’ train.

In this three month private coaching program, we'll use the Neuro Focus Shift Method to radically transform the way you work. At the end of our time together you’ll spend your day focused on your priorities and relax at night with your family -- completely guilt free.

Get 9 private coaching sessions with me via Zoom, over three months.
A one-time payment of just $4,497.

Productivity Accelerator

is perfect for those wanting to get into the right headspace leading up to a launch, a guest speaking gig or leadership role.

This private coaching program is designed to get you moving towards your big goals - fast! We’ll uncover and eliminate your top three biggest productivity robbers so you can immediately feel the peace that comes from being in control of your day. Imagine spending hours of time each day focused solely on your highest priorities as you effortlessly let go of the urge to respond to other people’s agendas. Using the Neuro Focus Shift Method, we'll zap those productivity saboteurs one by one - for good.

Get 3 private sessions with me via Zoom over one month, $1,997.

Time Suck Eliminator

is currently the most efficient and affordable way to work with me.

Experience the Neuro Focus Shift Method in a targeted one hour intensive where I help you find and eliminate your biggest time suck. All you need to think about is how you’re going to spend an extra hour or two each day. Once we’re done there’ll be no more wasted time checking emails, mindless social scrolling, incessant phone checking or responding to instant messages. This simple yet powerful technique not only ‘works’ it has the power to completely transform the way you work and live your life, forever.

Get a 60 minute power session with me via Zoom, $697.

EVERY MOMENT you are faced with an infinite number of online distractions.

EVERY HOUR you are deciding which of those distractions to prioritize.

EVERY DAY you’re losing precious time to other people’s agendas.


And no matter how hard you work, or how focused you try to stay, if you can’t uncover and eliminate the sneaky saboteurs that are hiding in your tech, you’ll never be as productive as you want to be.

Let me help you retrain your brain so you can drop the phone habit, get off the social media hamster wheel and get back to building your business and living your BEST life.