To Buy An Apple Watch … Or Not

apple_watch-1024x576[1]I’ve been addicted to gadgets to help me be more organized for ever. It’s been a lifelong struggle to manage the increasing flow of information. The lure of the technology gadgets is so seductive. I want an Apple Watch so bad I can taste it. Just the simple feature of being able to glance at my wrist to see the time of my next appointment, instead of having to go through all the trouble of getting my phone out, is justification for me.

But let’s get real. Technology isn’t helping us to be more organized and productive, it’s making it harder. For years I ran my life with my pencil-and-paper Franklin Planner and I had every detail organized. I felt powerful and in command of my life. At work I always was on top of things, even though I managed huge amounts of information.

Then came the increase in email. I would work extra hours in the morning and at night (when the emails stopped) to get everything caught up. It took more time but hey, at least I was organized and in control.

Fast forward a few years and welcome to information overload. The constant onslaught of information via email, Facebook, blogs, and so on can easily fill your day. Just sorting it into the right folder — much less actually reading it — can steal hours. They say that each time your focus is interrupted, it takes 15 minutes to get focused again. How many hours a day are we wasting trying to refocus after the ping of another piece of incoming information?

Maybe we don’t complain about this more because we’ve given up trying to focus. It’s so much more fun to allow your attention to follow the pings. Of course the tradeoff is we get a lot less done than we used to. Read any article on being more productive and they’ll tell you to identify only 3 things to get done in a day. Back in my corporate career if I only got 3 things done in a day I would have been fired.

I feel this pull … between the “drug” of following the ping and getting an Apple Watch, and the inner knowing that says it will just add to my stress. Having more time off from technology is what I really need.

We’ll have to see which side wins…

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