So You Think You Have Too Much to Do?

toomuchHaving too much to do is not the real problem.

Almost all of us feel that pressure of all there is to do. It feels so overwhelming. There’s no way to get it all done. We complain about how much we have to do. If only there was less to do, everything would be better.

What if I told you that’s a lie?

You see, our brains lie to us all the time.

There are plenty of people who have more to do than we do … and yet they aren’t as stressed or overwhelmed as we are.

Because the problem isn’t about how much we have to do.

The problem is that our brains are worrying about how much there is to do.

When your brain is worried about something, it goes a little nutty. Your fight or flight mode kicks in, which is very effective for real dangers – like a rabid dog – but not so much for modern day problems.

Having a system to manage what you need to do (instead of keeping it in your head) is key to taking this pressure off. Then your brain only has to worry about what needs to be done NOW.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most people, your brain is naturally pre-wired to sabotage your ability to implement systems like this. Most overwhelmed people have programming in their heads that says things like, “I’ve got to get everything done,” and “I’m really worried about disappointing her”, and “I have to do this myself … so I can be sure it’s perfect”, and “I’m afraid I’m going miss something important”, and so on.

Your unconscious mind is directed by this programming to get everything done now… so it sabotages your efforts to focus on just one thing at a time. But the funny thing is, focusing on just one thing at a time is really the fastest way to get stuff done. So your brain, in its valiant attempt to protect you from disappointing others or looking bad, is actually making it more likely that those things will happen.

If you feel like you have too much to do, start by getting it all out of your head and down on paper. Identify what needs to be done next and focus solely on that for a period of time. Notice the stories your brain tells you and the way it tries to keep you from focusing on that one thing!

Left uncontrolled, the apps and software you use to run your business will end up stealing your time and robbing your focus … leaving you with a full task list and no time for the important stuff — like relationships, your health, and taking action on the things that will create even more success for you.

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