What could you accomplish if you had time to focus every day?

Just like you can't train for a marathon in one day, building your focus muscle takes time.

Cutting out layer after layer of bad habits... Implementing guardrails to all the distractions... And building up your focus muscle.

Investing in improving your focus is like spending an hour to get 5 back. But, you know you won't regularly take the time to work on this yourself.

Utilize our group coaching program to ensure you continue to grow your focus, keep implementing what you learned in Morning Mastery, and get support to deal with your specific challenges.

Be part of a small community committed to improving their focus so they can work fewer hours. The group size will be around 6 to ensure everyone gets individual attention each week.

Most coaches talk strategy or use the "just do it" approach. We help you to implement changes so you see real results - fast!

This is not just another coaching program that doesn't provide results. These are laser focused coaching calls. You'll be held accountable to take the actions you say you want to do. And we'll help you uncover and overcome anything that gets in the way of taking those actions.

If you are ready to eliminated all the Focus Leaks that are stealing hours from your day, join our coaching program.

Coaching Support

Focus Circle Group Coaching

3 calls a month, Thursdays 2-3 PST
usually $597/month

Limited time $397