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Stop Wasting Your Time

Learn to Be More Productive

If you’re an online business owner, then I’ll bet you’re losing HOURS of focused work time ... every. single. day.

And NOT because you’re unorganized, unproductive or unwilling to work hard - no ma’am! In fact, I’m also willing to bet you put in more hours than Beyonce.


The technology you’re using to run your online business - the apps and software that promise to ‘save you time’ - are actually stealing it from you!

Websites are loaded with juicy clickbait to DISTRACT US. Constant messages and notifications DEMAND OUR ATTENTION at every turn. Social media is designed by engineers and psychologists to KEEP US ENGAGED for as long as possible. And what we search for on Google follows us all around the internet with ads that keep REMINDING US to return to their sites.

It’s creepy, insidious and downright draining!

Here are some of the problems you are probably experiencing:

1. Interruptions from Notifications

It all started with the upcoming meeting notification.

That handy reminder -- designed to keep you from missing meetings when you were focused on “thinking work” -- has expanded into just about every app there is.

Thanks to email, texts, social media, Slack, Skype, and even news apps and games, you are interrupted once about every 3 minutes. And the thing is, it can take up to 11 minutes to regain your concentration. That creates blocks of time where all you’re doing is responding to the dings of notifications and you aren’t getting done anything that’s truly important to you! Read More

Also, studies show that people return to what they were doing before the interruption only 25% of the time. That’s why, at the end of the day, you “worked hard” but feel like you didn’t get anything done. On average, people lose more than 2 hours a day from interruptions, including notifications. And even when the notifications aren’t coming, we check our phones on average every 15 minutes or less (so these are actually “self-induced” interruptions). Research shows that the “ding” of a cell phone notification puts your brain into "fight-or-flight" mode, reducing your ability to think clearly. And one study showed that even just having a cell phone in the room lowers performance!

Imagine the additional time you could spend focusing on stuff that’s important to you if you weren’t interrupted by notifications from your phone or computer.

2. Social Media Time Suck

Social media is a great tool for growing your business and for staying connected with friends and family. But the insidious “continuous scroll” feature of social media can keep you engaged for far longer than you intended.

One study actually found social media to be more addictive than cigarettes, and there’s a good reason why: advertising on social media is big money. An eye-popping $31 billion was spent on social media advertising in 2016. So those wily engineers and psychologists do everything they can to keep you in their app. Read More


35% of people check their phone before getting out of bed in the morning, and that’s usually to check social media. Unfortunately, this starts your day focusing on things that are important to other people. That can cause you to lose what most studies show is the most productive time of the day. While teens spend almost 9 hours a day on social media, the average adult still spends almost 2 hours a day.

YouTube comes in first, consuming over 40 minutes of a person’s day. Facebook users will spend an average of 35 minutes a day. Snapchat and Instagram come in next with 25 minutes and 15 minutes spent per day, respectively.
Imagine the additional time you could spend focusing on stuff that’s important to you if you weren’t sucked into the “never-ending scroll” of social media feeds.

3. Email Distraction

Remember when you had to print something out, fold it up, stick it into an envelope, find a stamp, and actually mail it to someone?

Email certainly cuts down on the amount of time it takes to send information, which saves us a lot of time. But, most of the email that comes to us promotes “Other People’s Agenda” (OPA) -- and this can have us spending time on things that are not important to us at all.

A 2017 study showed that professionals are spending an average of 11.7 hours a week on email during office hours, and another 5.3 hours a week after hours. That’s over 3 hours a day! Read More

Email has a powerfully interruptive effect that’s compounded by task switching. Task switching is very hard work for the brain and slows things down considerably. Here’s a typical example: let’s say you’re focused on writing a blog post. Your email inbox is open on your computer. A new message comes in, and a notification dings to alert you. You decide to check the message. Your brain has to dump all of the “blog post” information it was holding in short-term memory, and load a new set of information (the “context”) required to understand and respond to the new email message. When you're done handling the email message, your brain has to dump that information and re-load the context needed to move forward with the blog post.

Studies show that you lose a whopping 40% of your time through this context switching. If you are “multitasking” (truly a myth) all day long, you are losing an average of 3.2 hours a day through the loss of efficiency alone. Even if you’re doing tasks that don’t require a lot of thinking, you are still affected. A study at Hewlett-Packard showed IQ dropped by 10 points when people were distracted by email. That’s twice the drop from smoking marijuana! Do you really want to be that IQ-impaired when sending important emails to customers? Multitasking also has a negative physical effect, prompting the release of stress hormones and adrenaline.

Imagine the additional time you could spend focusing on stuff that’s really important to you if you had a reasonable strategy for dealing with your email.


With just a few mindful tweaks, you CAN:


... so you can spend more time with your family.


You are amazing and you know it. But you're not living up to your potential. You're juggling furiously to keep all those balls in the air, but some inevitably drop. You are capable of so much more -- if only you could decrease your stress level, get more focused, and maximize the efficiency of your time.

That's where I come in. My clients experience REAL RESULTS ... and very QUICKLY ... thanks to the proprietary Neuro Focus Shift Method that I developed. The Neuro Focus Shift Method is a simple technique that enables you to break through your natural resistance to making small changes that have big effects. It's the difference between "knowing what to do" and "getting it done." It eliminates the fears and negative emotional attachments that stand in the way of smooth and easy success.

There are several ways you can work with me:

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What others say about working with NJ:

My  list of to-dos used to be MASSIVE, and a constant source of stress and anxiety for me. I’ve always prided myself on my organizational skills, but what I didn't realize was that I was tackling it all wrong and making things worse for myself. I was doing what I’d always done, choosing the urgent things, or things that made me feel good to check off, but it was actually creating more work and more stress. Since working with NJ I take a very different approach and it’s made a world of difference. I have a solid system in place that works like magic. Now I’ve had the sweet experience of absolutely flying through my list, and feeling calm and up to the challenge, there is NO going back to my stressed out ways. Thank you, NJ!

Laurie Litwack

Coach, Consultant, and Engineer at Today is Your Day

“If you have a chance to work with NJ - do it, she is the real deal!
I’d never even heard of the Neuro Focus Shift Method before, and I’ll be honest, I was cynical. But after just ONE session with NJ, I walked away feeling empowered and ready to start implementing new strategies that I KNOW are going to skyrocket my business. She identified blocks I wasn’t even aware I had and cleared resistance around achieving some of my bigger goals. I honestly don't feel overwhelmed anymore.”

Vashti Starling

Personal Assistant at

NJ taught me to delegate properly so I no longer feel stressed trying to get everything done myself.

Sharon Hockenbury

Twin Peaks Nutrition and Wellness

“In just one session, NJ miraculously "found" more time for me!
I was at that point in my business where I was scrambling to get everything done for my clients and wishing there were far more than 24 hours in a day. I was getting to the end of each day exhausted and knowing I’d worked my butt off, yet still feeling like I hadn't accomplished much at all. The worst part was that I didn't have any time left in my day to focus on marketing and growing my business. I was between a rock and hard place with nowhere to turn. Then NJ came to my rescue. She helped me map out a strategy that enabled me to have specific focus periods with zero distractions for a total of 5.5 hours on the first day. This enabled me to kick some major butt and finish a website project for a client. Implementing that strategy has made a huge difference in the amount of client work I can push out each day AND have time to grow my biz.”

Pam Langord

Ridgetop Virtual Solutions

“Now I feel comfortable turning off my notifications completely!
As a VA, my clients need to be able to access me easily, so of course I had a constant stream of notifications to deal with each day. It’s important to me to be responsive to my clients so I wasn't comfortable shutting them off even though they were making me less productive. But after just one session with NJ I was able to get to a place where I feel comfortable turning off notifications completely. Now I only check my messages for several focus sessions and I’m getting a lot more done.”

Alison Willoughby

A Little Happy VA