Create a life with less time on devices and more freedom to be with family and friends
...even if you have an online business.

What if I told you it IS possible to grow your business, do what you love AND spend quality time with your kids without... up your devices... feeling like you’re missing out... or worrying that you’re letting people down?

What could you achieve in a day without interruptions from emails, texts and notifications?

What if going offline actually supported your business dreams instead of hindering them?

How would it feel to finally have the freedom and flexibility you started your business for in the first place -- without having to work more hours or lose any money?


But with an online business, you can’t avoid it... right?

Actually, you can... There’s a NEW WAY to work that leads to peak productivity, more profits, and way less stress.

You CAN have an online business that doesn’t suck all your time and every last ounce of energy out of you.


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A 6 week transformative experience for digital entrepreneurs who are sick of being stuck to their screens and want to grow their business in a way that lets them enjoy life again.

Hands up if you can relate…

  • You started this business so you could have more freedom to do things you love. What you’ve created is a never ending to-do list and a lot less time with a constant stream of online interruptions.
  • You’re working your ass off in your business feeling exhausted at the end of each day yet it somehow feels like you got literally nothing done. (seriously, what is with that?)
  • You feel pulled between work and family. You feel guilty working instead of being a ‘good’ mom and you’re secretly stressed around the kids because to-do lists don’t do themselves - yo!
  • You’re an expert in your field and an organization ninja. Rolling your sleeves up and getting shit done is how you’ve built a lucrative business. But the tech tools you’ve used to leverage, scale and grow your biz are inching you ever closer towards burnt out.
  • Instead of working on targeted growth strategies for your business you find yourself spending way too much time on low-level tasks like email and social so you work late at night when the kids are asleep and feel like you’re neglecting your partner and yourself.
  • You worry you might miss something important so you incessessently check everything. Now the email, apps and instant messages that were supposed to organize you, are sucking your time and making you more unproductive than ever.
  • You’ve read loads of books and blogs on time management and tried a few time saving apps, but nothing seems to work, you just can’t get control of your time.
  • You’ve considered stress reduction activities that everyone else swears by, like meditation and yoga, but you barely have the time to fit it in - and frankly, you wonder how the heck anyone else does either!
  • Back when you worked in corporate you loved the feeling of being super organised just before going on holidays - you wish it could feel like that in your own business, even just some of the time...

Alright, hands down.

It’s okay if you’re struggling with these things, many online entrepreneurs are in the exact same boat. In fact, it’s not even your fault! See, we’ve been led to believe that using #alltheapps in our online business will save us time, boost productivity and put us on the fast-track to success. But we’ve been led down the virtual garden path.

What others are saying . . .

As a VA, my clients need to be able to access me easily and I pride myself on being responsive. But I had a constant stream of notifications to deal with each day and I wasn't comfortable shutting them off - even though they were making me less productive. But after just one session with NJ, I was able to get to a place where I felt okay to turn off notifications completely. With my new strategy I’m able to get a whole lot more done and my clients still feel taken care of - it’s magic.

Alison Willoughby

A Little Happy VA

Did you know, that on an average day, a person working online will get distracted every 3 minutes - and it takes 11 minutes to regain that concentration.

So depending on how much ‘willpower’ you have when it comes to checking your devices (hint: none of us do!), that can quickly add up to literally HOURS of unfocused, unproductive and unpaid time, every single day. Between email, instant messages, and push notifications all vying for our attention, it’s no wonder it feels like we never get any freaking work done!

But the companies who make these apps spend millions every year figuring out exactly how to keep us plugged in for longer - and we think we have control...

So will power alone won’t work. Telling yourself you’ll start fresh and be waaay more productive tomorrow / after a nap / once you’ve had a coffee [insert lie you tell yourself here], just isn’t going to work. The lure of devices, screens, apps, and those all important messages from clients, customers and biz besties, are too tempting - even for the most focused amongst us.

That’s where the Neuro Focus Shift Method comes in . . .

Productivity Done Differently is a unique online program stepping you through my proprietary technique, the Neuro Focus Shift Method

Using a powerful blend of science and psychology, energy and healing theory - with just a sprinkle of woo -- the Neuro Focus Shift Method will help you make immediate, radical transformation to the way you work. And once you learn the technique, you can apply it to almost any area of your life - business, relationships, finances, health and more.

With the Neuro Focus Shift Method tucked into your online tool belt,
you’ll be unstoppable.

What others are saying . . .

I was at a point in my business where I was scrambling to get everything done for my clients and wishing there were far more than 24 hours in a day. I was exhausted and working my butt off, yet still feeling like I wasn’t achieving much. The worst part was that I didn't have any time to focus on marketing and growing my business. Then NJ came along and somehow "found" more time in my day. She mapped out a strategy that has freed me up to kick major butt on client projects and AND still have time to grow my own business. Thank you NJ!

Pam Langord

Ridgetop Virtual Solutions


Productivity Done Differently


Overcome Online Overwhelm

So you can get immediate relief from the fear of failing and not doing/being/having enough.

Ditch The Distractions

So you can get clear on what’s most important and how you want to show up in your relationships.

Get A Handle On Your Email

So you can stop reacting and people pleasing and start deleting and unsubscribing, without feeling awkward, rude or dismissive.

Ignore Interruptions

So you can turn off noisy notifications without worrying that you’re missing out.

Drop The Phone Habit

So you can eliminate the need for checking your phone the minute you peel open your eyes in the morning.

Control Time-Sucking Devices

So you can spend more time building YOUR business and living YOUR life.

Master The Art Of ‘Collecting’

So you can feel in control, super organized and ready to take action on things that really matter.

Stop Undervaluing Your Time

So other people’s agendas don’t get prioritized over yours and can’t steal any more time in your day.

Start Prioritizing Yourself

So you can grow your business without sacrificing your sanity or precious time with your family.

When you’ve got your tech under control, it works for you,
  not against you:

It frees up your time to focus on areas in your business that need the MOST attention
It eliminates the worry and stress that comes with working to other people’s agendas
It trains your team, clients, and even friends, to respect your business boundaries instead of assuming you’ll jump
      whenever they need you
It supports you to have a lifestyle business rather than a style of doing business that sucks the life right out of you
It allows you to schedule your work and free time around what suits YOU, not around the never ending ‘shoulds’
It gives you confidence knowing all the important tasks are automated or on hold until YOU decide it needs
      to be done
It helps you reach your goals faster because time is your own and the focus is back squarely on achieving
       YOUR long-held dreams
It builds momentum in your business where you start gaining real traction (instead of spinning your wheels) and
       you can finally break free of the weight of other people’s expectations. You’re no longer the person being pulled by
      competing demands. You become the lighthouse that radiates calm, consistent, focused energy that others want
      to emulate and that beams your business out as the one to watch in your field.


(aka, All The Juicy Details)

>> 6 weeks of transformational productivity realignment (using my proprietary Neuro Focus Shift Method)

Get ready to go deep, face your fear, break down the resistance and smash through your blocks. This work is powerful and truly life-changing and is designed for you to achieve IMMEDIATE results and return on your investment.

>> Private Facebook community to connect with other amazing entrepreneurs in the program

This is your safe space to seek feedback, share stories and concerns, and find the support you need to break free from your self-imposed slavery to other people’s agendas and even your own shoulds.

>> Plus you’ll get an array of PDF workbooks, worksheets and resources to help you get your schedule set firmly back on YOU time

These super useful tools are guaranteed to keep you focused, eliminate the shoulds and prioritize optimal business and life balance.

>> 6 x 60 minute live coaching calls and recordings

You’ll get recorded coaching sessions from me each week (VIP members will have LIVE access to all calls and recordings). In these calls we’ll look at the 3 biggest brain wrecks that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of ‘doing’ and ‘reacting’. I’ll help you process the underlying emotion, beliefs and blocks you have around those wrecks so you can clear the clutter, shift your mindset and get on with what’s most important to YOU.

>> AND as a special bonus when you sign up, you’ll get all three of my Power-Up Trainings

This is a series of 3 tailored video trainings, each one focusing on one of the top 3 brain wrecks. Using my proprietary Neuro Focus Shift Method, these sessions are designed to help you eliminate your biggest time sucks so you can start focusing on the things that REALLY matter -- and ultimately, get your life back.

On Top Of All That, You’ll Have Me To Guide You Every Step Of The Way




Fully booked life coaching services

Creating and delivering digital products that have helped women all over the world make changes fast

20+ years working in the high tech corporate world in project management and process improvement roles

Leadership roles within my local Chamber of Commerce and community projects; and

Training in a range of energy and healing modalities...

I was raised in a world without websites, just like you were, where phones were plugged to the wall, messages were (mostly) handwritten, all of them were delivered by hand, and my inbox was fixed to the front gate.

I admit these days I use all the devices. Because these days business requires it (and I’m human, I love them too!). The difference is, I can use them without sacrificing my family’s well being or my own. But it wasn’t always this way…

In 2002 I was on top of my game, deep in the corporate trenches, earning 6 figures. But the long hours, lack of sleep and almost constant stress caught up with me and that’s when my life took a sharp turn for the worst. Stress induced memory loss, an autoimmune disease, the loss of my father and a failed marriage all hit in a period of about a year. It was a big mess. I had to find a better way.

That struggle ignited a fire deep within me and put me on the path to helping other successful professionals become more focused, intentional and productive, so they can spend more time on what REALLY matters to them. I quit corporate and started my business as a life coach.

Now my whole business is online, yet despite running Facebook groups and coaching clients all over the world using the magic of technology, my personal life is far more ENJOYABLE and so much FULLER than it’s ever been. I choose my hours and never work more than 30 hours a week. I volunteer my time to causes I truly believe in and I’m in my fourth year as President of the local Chamber of Commerce. I get to spend as much time with my handsome hubby and gorgeous son as they will allow, I go on vacation, catch up with friends, spend oodles of time gardening, and all the while my business continues to flourish.

Despite what I’d been led to believe (and contrary to what everyone around me was doing), I was able to grow a successful and profitable online business that I adored, while still having enough time to live the kind of life offline that I’d always craved. I found out that running an online business didn’t require me to be online all of the time at all. In fact, when everyone else was stuck to their screens I was experiencing the best work/life balance EVER.

But I didn’t get here simply by reading a few productivity books, or having more willpower than everyone else. And it’s got nothing to do with working, hustling or pushing harder either. It all comes down to MINDSET and CHOICES - and of course, my proprietary technique THE NEURO FOCUS SHIFT METHOD.

Using this one simple, yet POWERFUL tool has radically changed how I live my life, and I want to show you how you can use it to transform your own business and life too.

Ready to get started?


Where you’ll get to participate LIVE on all 6 x 90 minute calls PLUS unlimited Email Access to me for the length of the program.

What others are saying . . .

My list of to-dos used to be MASSIVE, and a constant source of stress and anxiety for me. I’ve always prided myself on my organizational skills, but what I didn't realize was that I was tackling it all wrong and making things worse for myself. I was doing what I’d always done, choosing the urgent things, or things that made me feel good to check off, but it was actually creating more work and more stress. Since working with NJ I take a very different approach and it’s made a world of difference. I have a solid system in place that works like magic. Now I’ve had the sweet experience of absolutely flying through my list, and feeling calm and up to the challenge, there is NO going back to my stressed out ways. Thank you, NJ!

Laurie Litwack

Coach, Consultant, and Engineer at Today is Your Day

Here’s What We’ll Cover Each Week

(aka, Your Peek Behind The Virtual Curtain)

Module 1 :: Eliminate Overwhelm

♦ Getting you out of overwhelm and into flow
♦ Dissolve feelings of anxiety around to-dos, fear of failing and not getting enough done
♦ Organizing, prioritizing and categorizing tasks so the brain can focus on one thing at a time

Module 2 :: Managing interruptions

♦ Turning off notifications without fear, self-doubt or self-sabotage
♦ Processing any fear of missing something important or letting someone down
♦ Getting more done each day by using one simple game-changing technique
♦ Setting up focused buckets of time to start working through important tasks
♦ Planning your calendar so it feels achievable and even exciting
♦ Establish times and failsafe systems to check your tech now that notifications are off. [Hint: You’ll rewire yourself to check them based on YOUR agenda, not other people’s agenda].

Module 3 :: Collect, Organize and Schedule


♦ Identify where all incoming information and tasks are coming from
♦ Learn how to limit collection places and create a funnel to minimize overwhelm
♦ Create a list of your collection points and schedule to check them and process the info

Module 4 :: Identifying distractions

♦ Get clear on what’s important and identify your biggest distractions
♦ Create and set 3x 90 day goals (this is one of the best things you’ll ever do for your biz)
♦ Learn how to use capture lists effectively to help you stay focused without missing anything
♦ Discover ways to successfully schedule time for your priorities, including relationships + fun
♦ Build resistance to habitually checking your phone in the morning so you can be with your family instead - you know, like in the ‘good ol’ days’ 😉

Module 5 :: Eliminating OPAs (Other People’s Agendas)

♦ Discover where other people’s agendas are stealing time in your day
♦How to masterfully set time limits for distractions - that even you can’t ignore
♦ Create a structure for your life that feels spacious, incorporating plenty of time for biz + fun
♦ Overcome the fear of missing out
♦ Establish rules to protect yourself from overwhelm building up after the program

Module 6 :: Managing email

♦ Unsubscribing to limit time and pull to OPA (other people’s agenda)
♦Letting go of discomfort with unsubscribing, fear of missing important emails, etc.
♦ Discover how to clean up and format an out of control inbox - and keep it that way
♦ Which third party services I use and recommend to help manage your inbox
♦ Learn how to use archive and search to minimize time spent in your email

Ready to TAME YOUR TECHNOLOGY and experience more EASE AND FLOW in your business and life?


Your investment



The entire 6 week program



Or three payments of $187



The entire 6 week program

+ PLUS participate on all 6 live calls.

Dive deep with NJ during live coaching sessions. Ask questions, uncover your biggest productivity blocks and transform the way you work, right there on the call!

+ PLUS UNLIMITED email access to me for the length of the program.

$997   $97  SALE

Black Friday Sale. Limited time


January 7th, 2019

Will you be joining us?

Want to grow the online business you LOVE, in a way that’s sustainable AND profitable - and that lets you be the kind of mom, partner, cat owner, garden enthusiast, amateur champion golfer you want to be at the same time?

NJ is an expert in this field and your go-to person if you’re looking to become more productive -- the easy way!

I am so grateful for this program. NJ takes you step-by-step through all of the underlying beliefs and patterns of behaviour that are preventing you from being fully productive and eliminates those beliefs and actions. Right from the beginning of the program I experienced some of the biggest shifts and when I implemented her email and Facebook strategies I couldn’t believe how well this method really works. And that was just the beginning! The rest of the program was packed with so many useful tips and mind hacks that you can apply to a whole range of things in your life. I can keep using the tools to develop new habits, be more productive and more in control in all areas of my life. NJ, I can't thank you enough!

Joan Hughes

Got Questions?
I’ve got answers!

I have a lot going on, my time is limited ... why should I invest my time in this course?
Whether you realize it or not, you are actually wasting a lot of time right now ... time that this course will help you get back. Think of it in terms of ROI -- Return On Investment. You’ll get more hours back in your life than the hours you invest in this program. Just like making a financial investment and getting a monetary return, you’ll make a time investment and get a surplus of time in return.

What sort of time investment is required each week to complete the program?
Plan on 2 hours per week to watch the recordings (or tune in LIVE if you choose the VIP option) and complete the tasks, worksheets and exercises in the program. The good news is you'll immediately start saving time by implementing the strategies.

Do I need special equipment or tech knowledge to take the course or view the material?
No, the LIVE calls are all done via the online platform Zoom. This software is free to install on your computer and easy to use. You can view the recording in any built in video player.

What makes you qualified to teach this?
I have 20+ years working in fast-paced, high tech, corporate environments with interruptions coming fast and furious. The expectation to respond to emails immediately, combined with long hours and the need to establish credibility with co-workers and management, all led me to develop my own successful strategies around productivity and coping with stress. As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to wear all the hats to get my business off the ground -- everything from marketing to finance to IT, and all the bits in between. I’ve been a successful business and productivity coach for 15+ years, and in that time have run and participated in many high level mastermind groups and training programs. For the past decade I’ve been immersed in the study of neuroscience and its relationship to business success - this is an area I find utterly fascinating and the knowledge I’ve gained has laid the foundation for my proprietary Neuro Focus Shift Method. I am also deeply involved in volunteer activities within my local community including president of the Chamber of Commerce for the past four years running, as well as organizer for the past several years of an annual community festival that draws thousands of visitors to our town. My life is incredibly full, yet through using the same techniques that I’ll teach you in the Productivity Done Differently program, I have been able to bring focus, clarity and BALANCE to my life. I get eight hours of sleep each night, I have a wonderful relationship with my husband and son, and I enjoy time with friends without feeling guilty that I'm not doing ‘enough’. I’ve worked with women all over the world to help them make the mindset shifts that have brought them the same balance. But you don’t have to take my word for it, read their testimonials below to see how lives are being profoundly transformed through this work.

My whole business is online and I have several FB groups that I’ve committed to being in every day, how will a new way of handling technology affect my business?
Tech is a valuable resource for your business, but if left uncontrolled, it can steal your time and create a lot of stress. An analogy I like to use is gambling. Going to a casino with friends to play a little poker could be as harmless as a much needed night out of fun. But if you can’t control how much money you spend while you’re at the casino, you could end up losing your house! The reason the casino analogy is so powerful, is because technology - much like the casino environment - is intentionally manufactured to take your time and money. This program is designed to help you harness the value of technology by learning to control it. So at the end of it (and even after the first week), you’ll be able to spend shorter, focused amounts of time in FB groups participating in valuable conversations that benefit your business, instead of mindlessly scrolling and wasting precious time or feeling like you’re missing out.

How does this program differ from any other productivity trainings out there?
There are many programs online that offer productivity strategies, but there is a BIG difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. Did you know that 80% of New Year's resolutions are broken by February, and that’s because habits are damn hard to break. So where other programs simply tell you what to do, Productivity Done Differently actually steps you through a PROCESS to help you uncover your blocks - and then smash right through them. During the 6 weeks (starting from week 1) we’ll be implementing a range of productivity strategies, and by using the powerful Neuro Focus Shift Method to overcome your natural resistance to implementing these strategies, you will see almost immediate and lasting results. Once you have this tool tucked into your toolbelt, you’ll be able to make the changes in thinking and behavior that lead to success. Participants who went through the first round of the program over five months ago, are still enjoying the full benefits of being in control of their tech to this day - you can read their glowing testimonials below!

If I sign up, how much personal support will I get?
The basic level includes access to the content and the recordings of the implementation calls where we use the Neuro Focus Shift Method to bust through resistance to implementing the strategies. By listening to the recordings and following along you will get great results. The VIP option, which is only available to a limited number of people, gives you live access to the calls so you can work directly with me during the implementation calls. There is also an option to purchase a 1:1 session with me to help with any extra big challenges, you can email me here.

I can find tons of productivity tips and advice online for FREE. Why should I pay for a program like this one?
If you are able to take action and actually implement the free advice you get online, then by all means, do NOT invest in this program. But the fact is, that for most of us, change is difficult, which is why 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail by February. This program is not about giving you more tips, it’s about actually implementing the strategies. We’ll use the Neuro Focus Shift Method to go deep and uncover blocks to resistance (some you might not even know you have!). We’ll dismantle the fears, resistance and limiting beliefs you have around what could happen if you’re not plugged into your biz at all times (i.e., the fomo factor, the client pleasing and the habitual checking of notifications) that are keeping you stuck and spinning your wheels, and we’ll replace it with a whole new approach to doing business - sound good?

How soon will I see results?
Immediately. That's right, you’ll start to see results from week 1 - that is my personal guarantee (and my money-back if you’re not completely, over-the-moon, 100%, jumping-out-of-your-skin-love-this-program guarantee, is also available to you too 🙂 so in this way, the program is a completely risk free investment). I’ve designed the program specifically with busy people in mind and in my experience, it’s often the people who say, “I really don’t have enough time for this” who actually need it the most! So the best case scenario is that you sign up and you start seeing dramatic improvements to the way you work so you have more time to have a life. And worst case? See the money back guarantee and conditions below.

How will I receive the program materials?
You will be sent an email each week with a link to watch the video content. If you sign up with the VIP option (highly recommended!) you will be sent an email containing the link to join me LIVE on the implementation call.

Does this work for everyone? How do I know if it will work for me?
Productivity strategies are pretty universal, the challenge comes in implementing them. The implementation calls will help you to uncover your own personal blocks and lead you through a process to release them. If you show up, follow the steps, do the work, it WILL work for you. See testimonials below, see also, money back guarantee 🙂

Do you offer a refund if I don’t like it?
If you do the work, I guarantee you will get the results you’re looking for. However, If after two weeks of trying the program you don’t feel it’s right for you, I will happily offer a refund, you will be required to submit worksheets showing you did your bit and completed the work required.

I’ve got a holiday/wedding/huge deadline in the middle of the course and might fall behind. Can I still participate?
Absolutely.  Each week you participate you will get benefits that will make it easier to deal with the upcoming commitment. On anything else, you can catch up after.

Do you offer payment plans?
You can pay in full, or we can divide your payments into 3 installments. These will be billed automatically to the credit / debit card number you provide, with 30 days between each payment.

When you learn how to tame your technology it means you can GROW your business in a way that brings more EASE and a sense of accomplishment.

It’s about working in a way that doesn’t burn you out. It’s about making an impact without sacrificing your health and happiness...or precious time with family.

Want more productivity, higher profits and way less stress?

I’ll show you how

My Personal ‘You’ll Love This’ Guarantee
(or, Your 100% Risk Free Opportunity)

The techniques and strategies I use in this program are proven and life-changing. That‘s why, if you do the work, I guarantee you will feel big shifts and see immediate results.

I am so confident that you are going to love it that if after two weeks of actively trying the program you don't like it I will happily offer you a refund, every last cent.

(That’s how much I believe in this program, and that’s how confident I am you will find serious value inside.)

All you need to do is email us and submit the worksheets showing that you did the work so I know you were fully invested in the program and doing your bit, too.

Sound good?

Productivity Done Differently starts January 7th

So it’s decision time...

Will you keep slogging away drowning in to-dos, neglecting yourself, your family and your business while you continue to be held captive by other people’s agendas?


Will you learn how to truly work smart, get back in control of your tech and reclaim your life?

As an online business owner you owe it to yourself to do this training. Your well being depends on it. Your family will love you for it. Your business will thrive because of it.

The entire 6 week program

+ PLUS participate on all 6 live calls.

Dive deep with NJ during live coaching sessions. Ask questions, uncover your biggest productivity blocks and transform the way you work, right there on the call!

+ PLUS UNLIMITED email access to me for the length of the program.

$997   $97  SALE

Black Friday Sale. Limited time

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what people have to say. . .

If you have a chance to work with NJ - do it, she is the real deal!  I’d never even heard of the Neuro Focus Shift Method before, and I’ll be honest, I was cynical. But after just ONE session with NJ, I walked away feeling empowered and ready to start implementing new strategies that I KNOW are going to skyrocket my business. She identified blocks I wasn’t even aware I had and cleared resistance around achieving some of my bigger goals. I honestly don't feel overwhelmed anymore.

Vashti Starling

Personal Assistant at

I now have a system in place that just works - it’s like magic.  Before working with NJ my list of to-dos was massive, and a constant source of stress and anxiety for me. I’ve always prided myself on my organizational skills, but what I didn't realize was that I was tackling it all wrong and only making things worse for myself. I was doing what I’d always done, choosing the urgent things, or the things that made me feel good to check off, but all this was doing was creating more work and a whole lot more stress. Now I know better, I take a very different approach to my to-dos and it’s made a world of difference. I now have a system in place that just works - it’s like magic. Now that I’ve tasted the sweet experience of absolutely flying through my list, and feeling calm and up to the challenge, there is NO going back to my stressed out ways. Thank you, NJ!

Laurie Litwack

Coach, Consultant, and Engineer at Today is Your Day

This actually works!  It's been 5 months since I finished the Productivity Done Differently program and my inbox is still under 32 emails! I can now focus on projects, instead of getting side-tracked and off task, which is miraculous for me. I’m also putting a lot more energy into marketing my business, where my old pace was decidedly ‘slow and steady’. The techniques I’ve learnt in this program will be with me forever, and the best part is that they can be applied to a range of different areas in your life, not just your business. I highly recommend this course to anyone, and I wish everyone had the opportunity to do it.

Pamela Cournoyer

Leadership Coach at Powerful & True, Inc.

I thought I was quieting my brain down but I needed it even more. I've been honoring my time. It feels weird, but my inbox isn't as crazy as I thought it was. I think it was just my system or lack of so that's been really good to clear that out.

Jennifer Villarreal

Even with the added stress and responsibilities of family members being unwell right now, I'm STILL getting more done than I ever was before doing the Productivity Done Differently program.

Tamara Roberts

Marriage and Family Therapist

NJ taught me to delegate properly so I no longer feel stressed trying to get everything done myself. Getting my calendar organized has been SO freeing. It’s given me so much clarity and I feel a lot calmer knowing I’m not missing anything. The program has helped me to focus on where my strengths are, and I’m loving it!

Sharon Hockenbury

Twin Peaks Nutrition and Wellness

In just one session, NJ miraculously "found" more time for me!  I was at a point in my business where I was scrambling to get everything done for my clients and wishing there were far more than 24 hours in a day. I was getting to the end of each day exhausted and knowing I’d worked my butt off, yet still feeling like I hadn't accomplished much at all. The worst part was that I didn't have any time left in my day to focus on marketing and growing my business. I was between a rock and hard place with nowhere to turn. Then NJ came to my rescue. She helped me map out a strategy that enabled me to have specific focus periods with zero distractions for a total of 5.5 hours on the first day. This enabled me to kick some major butt and finish a website project for a client. Implementing that strategy has made a huge difference in the amount of client work I can push out each day AND have time to grow my biz.

Pam Langord

Ridgetop Virtual Solutions

Now I feel comfortable turning off my notifications completely!  As a VA, my clients need to be able to access me easily and I pride myself on being responsive. But I had a constant stream of notifications to deal with each day and I wasn't comfortable shutting them off - even though they were making me less productive. But after just one session with NJ, I was able to get to a place where I felt okay to turn off notifications completely. With my new strategy I’m able to get a whole lot more done and my clients still feel taken care of - it’s magic.

Alison Willoughby

A Little Happy VA

Working with NJ feels like you’re in the hands of a master.  I highly recommend working with NJ to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to listen. By that I mean, anyone who is open to change, and is willing to put in the work. Thank you NJ, this work has been deeply healing for me.

Susanne Calman

Feminine Spirit - Yoga, Retreats, Energy Healing

NJ makes you feel safe and like you’re on the right track.  She helped me see that by allowing peak productivity to become habitual it frees up brain space and allows you to go with the creative flow. It’s like she’s in there tidying up the clutter in your head. Now I’m that person who gets up early and gets into my day with purpose, which makes me feel accomplished before the day even starts!

Helena Denley

Everyday Homeopathy

NJ’s process is like nothing I’ve experienced before. I’m a real ‘do-er’ by nature. I can never just leave things for later. This sounds great on paper, but the reality is that I end up running around doing everything for everyone else, and as a result, I don’t get as much done for myself as I’d like. For instance, I’ll see a dirty kitchen or laundry and start cleaning up instead of working on my business. After just one session with NJ I discovered that the reason I’m such an action taker is that I never want to disappoint people. I do so much for others and find it hard to say no, but then wind up being miserable myself. And if I’m honest, there’s a little voice in my head that also says, ‘if I don’t do it, no one else will’ - and of course, that’s just not true! NJ’s process for getting to the root of your worry is like nothing I’ve experienced before. She encouraged me to sit with my feelings until they were gone, the whole thing was so interesting and her method actually works. NJ isn’t over the top or pushy at all, everything felt really easy. If you get the chance to work with NJ (and I highly recommend you do), I guarantee the results will surprise you.

Kim Hartz