Whats your biggest time waster?

Do you immediately check and respond to text messages when they arrive?

Do you read through your inbox scanning for emails that are easy to act upon?

Does your phone notify you with a ding whenever you’ve received an email?

Do you get notifications of your social media activity?

When you are waiting in line, do you pull out your phone to check social media?

Do you check your email more than once an hour, or keep your inbox open all the time?

Are you interrupted throughout the day by messaging apps like Slack or Skype?

When posting on your Facebook account, do you find yourself losing time in the “endless scroll?”

When you watch a webinar, are you reading email at the same time?

Are there newsletters and sales letters mixed in with your important email?

Do you check your social media accounts first thing in the morning, just to see if anything interesting happened?

Do you get distracted from your intended purpose on Facebook and find yourself watching funny videos on YouTube?

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