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Productivity PowerUps are a unique series of tailored video trainings using my proprietary Neuro Focus Shift Method™.

These powerful and transformative trainings are designed to help you eliminate your biggest time sucks so you can start focusing on the things that REALLY matter and get back to having a life.

The distraction from  SOCIAL MEDIA steals hours of your productive time every day.

Knowing what is stealing your time doesn't solve the problem ... because change is hard. So even though you want to change your time sucking habits, as soon as you stop consciously focusing on using your time effectively, your unconscious mind takes over and you find yourself slipping back into old work habits.

Productivity PowerUps are unique, tailored video training sessions taking you step-by-step through using my proprietary Neuro Focus Shift Method (NFSM) — to unlock your ability to quickly and easily change unproductive habits and reclaim lost time.

These powerful and transformative training sessions are designed to "help you help yourself" ... to eliminate your biggest time losses, so you can start focusing on the things that REALLY matter and start having a more wonderful life outside of work.


  • 1 An introductory Welcome video that gives you an overview of the course and materials.
  • 2 A customized Worksheet with instructions to help you state your goals, identify the blocks and limiting beliefs standing in the way of achieving those goals, and lay out the new habits and behaviors you will implement to massively boost your productivity.
  • 3 An in-depth NFSM video -- more than an hour in length -- that walks you step-by-step through the process of using the Neuro Focus Shift Method to eliminate your natural unconscious resistance to change and replace your counterproductive beliefs and behaviors with powerful new ones.
  • 4 A supplemental Tech Tips video that describes practical productivity tips geared toward your biggest tech time waster, including apps, plugins, and techniques that you can implement to become the master your technology instead of its slave.

Take advantage of these Productivity PowerUps to eliminate SOCIAL MEDIA distractions, and you'll get more done each day and feel less stressed:

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It’s simple, really. I want to reward you for taking that first step and saying ‘Yes’ to the quiz.

Because when you said ‘Yes’, you signaled to me, and to the big U, that the time you spend on the business you LOVE, and with the family you do it all for, is becoming more and more out of balance  -- and you’re willing to learn how to fix it!

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I’d never even heard of the Neuro Focus Shift Method before, and I’ll be honest, I was cynical. But after just ONE session with NJ, I walked away feeling empowered and ready to start implementing new strategies that I KNOW are going to skyrocket my business. She identified blocks I wasn’t even aware I had and cleared resistance around achieving some of my bigger goals. I honestly don't feel overwhelmed anymore. If you have a chance to work with NJ - do it, she is the real deal!

Vashti Starling, VA, Australia