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Create a life with less time on devices and more freedom to be with family and friends
...even if you have an online business.

What if I told you it IS possible to grow your business, do what you love AND spend quality time with your kids without...

...giving up your devices... feeling like you’re missing out... or worrying that you’re letting people down?

What could you achieve in a day without interruptions from emails, texts and notifications?

What if going offline actually 
supported your business dreams
instead of hindering them?

How would it feel to finally have the freedom and flexibility
you started your business for in the first place -- without having to work more hours or lose any money?


But with an online business, you can’t avoid it... right?

Actually, you can
There’s a NEW WAY to work that leads to peak productivity, more profits, and way less stress.

You CAN have an online business that doesn’t suck all your time and every last ounce of energy out of you.


A 6-week transformative experience for digital entrepreneurs who are sick of being stuck to their screens and want to grow their business in a way that lets them enjoy life again.


Hands up if you can relate…

  • You started this business so you could have more freedom to do things you love. What you’ve created is a never ending to-do list and a lot less time with a constant stream of online interruptions.
  • You’re working your ass off in your business feeling exhausted at the end of each day yet it somehow feels like you got literally nothing done. (seriously, what is with that?)
  • You feel pulled between work and family. You feel guilty working instead of being a ‘good’ mom and you’re secretly stressed around the kids because to-do lists don’t do themselves - yo!
  • You’re an expert in your field and an organization ninja. Rolling your sleeves up and getting shit done is how you’ve built a lucrative business. But the tech tools you’ve used to leverage, scale and grow your biz are inching you ever closer towards burnt out.
  • Instead of working on targeted growth strategies for your business you find yourself spending way too much time on low-level tasks like email and social so you work late at night when the kids are asleep and feel like you’re neglecting your partner and yourself.
  • You worry you might miss something important so you incessessently check everything. Now the email, apps and instant messages that were supposed to organize you, are sucking your time and making you more unproductive than ever.
  • You’ve read loads of books and blogs on time management and tried a few time saving apps, but nothing seems to work, you just can’t get control of your time.
  • You’ve considered stress reduction activities that everyone else swears by, like meditation and yoga, but you barely have the time to fit it in - and frankly, you wonder how the heck anyone else does either!
  • Back when you worked in corporate you loved the feeling of being super organised just before going on holidays - you wish it could feel like that in your own business, even just some of the time...

Alright, hands down.

It’s okay if you’re struggling with these things, many online entrepreneurs are in the exact same boat. In fact, it’s not even your fault! See, we’ve been led to believe that using #alltheapps in our online business will save us time, boost productivity and put us on the fast-track to success. But we’ve been led down the virtual garden path.

Did you know, that on an average day, a person working online will get distracted every 3 minutes - and it takes 11 minutes to regain that concentration?

So depending on how much ‘willpower’ you have when it comes to checking your devices (hint: none of us do!), that can quickly add up to literally HOURS of unfocused, unproductive and unpaid time, every single day. Between email, instant messages, and push notifications all vying for our attention, it’s no wonder it feels like we never get any freaking work done!

But the companies who make these apps spend millions every year figuring out exactly how to keep us plugged in for longer - and we think we have control...

So willpower alone won’t work. Telling yourself you’ll start fresh and be waaay more productive tomorrow / after a nap / once you’ve had a coffee [insert lie you tell yourself here], just isn’t going to work. The lure of devices, screens, apps, and those all important messages from clients, customers and biz besties, are too tempting - even for the most focused amongst us.

That’s where the Neuro Focus Shift Method comes in

Productivity Done Differently is a unique online program stepping you through my proprietary technique, the Neuro Focus Shift Method.

Using a powerful blend of science and psychology, energy and healing theory - with just a sprinkle of woo -- the Neuro Focus Shift Method will help you make immediate, radical transformation to the way you work. And once you learn the technique, you can apply it to almost any area of your life - business, relationships, finances, health and more.

With the Neuro Focus Shift Method tucked into your online tool belt,  you’ll be unstoppable.

As a VA, my clients need to be able to access me easily and I pride myself on being responsive. But I had a constant stream of notifications to deal with each day and I wasn't comfortable shutting them off - even though they were making me less productive. But after just one session with NJ, I was able to get to a place where I felt okay to turn off notifications completely. With my new strategy I’m able to get a whole lot more done and my clients still feel taken care of - it’s magic.

Alison Willoughby, A Little Happy VA


Productivity Done Differently


Overcome Online Overwhelm

So you can get immediate relief from the fear of failing and not doing/being/having enough.

Ditch The Distractions

So you can get clear on what’s most important and how you want

Get A Handle On Your Email

So you can stop reacting and people pleasing and start unsubscribing, without feeling awkward or dismissive.

Ignore Interruptions

So you can turn off noisy notifications without worrying that you’re missing out.

Drop The Phone Habit

So you can eliminate the need for checking your phone the minute you peel open your eyes in the morning.

Control Time-Sucking Devices

So you can spend more time building YOUR business and living YOUR life.

Master The Art Of ‘Collecting’

So you can feel in control, super organized and ready to take action on things that really matter.

Stop Undervaluing Your Time

So other people’s agendas don’t get prioritized over yours and can’t steal any more time in your day.

Start Prioritizing Yourself

So you can grow your business without sacrificing your sanity or precious time with your family.