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You’ve chosen not to purchase a Productivity PowerUp. But maybe that’s because you need more. Maybe what you’re looking for is the opportunity to really turbocharge your efforts by working with me in a 1-on-1 session where we can focus like a laser on your particular needs.

I’m not talking about getting on a “coaching treadmill” where you pay and pay, month … after month … after month ... for small, incremental improvements. No – I don’t want that and neither do you. What we both want are FAST RESULTS that have a lasting and profound impact on your life. And because my proprietary Neuro Focus Shift Method™ eliminates your resistance to making key behavioral changes, we can work together on removing your particular blocks, moving past your pain points, and achieving your specific goals. Fast results are exactly what you’ll get. “One and done” -- quickly and effectively.

Let me tell you a story about pain....

Like so many of us these days, Susanne was harboring her own not-so-secret habit. Constantly checking her phone, responding to emails, and scrolling through social media for hours on end. It’s safe to say, she was well and truly addicted to her devices.

But things weren’t always this way. Susanne used to begin each day with a reviving meditation - no exceptions. She told me Sundays were always totally tech free and that she only ever used her computer for essential tasks like bookkeeping, business emails, and writing blog posts. But as Susanne’s business expanded and took up more of her time, her intimate relationship became complicated, and life got more and more stressful, things began to change.  

It started innocently enough. A new smartphone purchased as a tax deductible business ‘tool’. Then Susanne found herself ‘just checking’ her phone first thing in the mornings, you know, for ‘important’ things. And then again 20 minutes later... and then eventually it was every 20 minutes for the rest of the day until bedtime. Wherever she went, whatever she did, her phone came with her, and, she told me, if she was ever without it, she’d start to feel a sense of panic slowly start to rise.

In our session I used my Neuro Shift Focus Method to release the addictive pull she was feeling towards this compulsive need to ‘check’ her phone. And it very quickly became clear to me that Susanne was using her phone as a way to cover up deep-seated feelings of sadness. From there we worked to peel away even more layers to uncover what was at the core of that sadness.

As a result of our work together Suzanne realized that she was avoiding the heavy emotions she was feeling around unhealthy relationships in her life. Instead of facing reality, and all those difficult feelings, she was simply soothing herself through her devices. She was filling up an emotional void.

Since our session, Susanne’s phone doesn’t get turned on until after she’s done something nourishing for herself, like a meditation or a brisk morning walk. When it’s time to check the phone for business she will, and then she’ll turn it right off again - no more mindless scrolling through Facebook.

Susanne got in touch with me the other day and here’s what she told me in her own words:

“Recently I went through a high stress point with family and found myself heading straight to Facebook again, but then just as quickly became aware of what I was actually doing. It was a very eye opening moment for me. Facebook is my drug of choice, and once I took it away I became hyper aware of the relationship issues I was seeking to avoid. Not being able to cover up my emotions by self-medicating with Facebook forced me to face those issues head on. It wasn’t easy, it was confronting at times, but it was also wonderfully liberating. It was incredible to peel away the layers and get in touch with what I’m really hungry for. Now when I go to a cafe I no longer stick my head in my phone, in fact, I don’t even TAKE my phone - this is huge for me! I don't have to check my screen every 5 minutes - And to be honest, sometimes I actually love knowing that no one knows where I am!

Working with NJ is incredible. She makes it feel safe to be vulnerable and like it’s ok to really let go. And, as an unexpected bonus, since working with NJ, I’ve lost weight! I’m not entirely sure, but I think it’s because I no longer have the need to stuff my feelings down with emotional eating - and that’s because I’m now clear on where my sadness was coming from and I’ve been able to process that sadness. I highly recommend working with NJ to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to listen. By that I mean, anyone who is open to change, and is willing to put in the work. Thank you NJ, this work has been deeply healing for me."

Susanne is not alone....

It’s so easy to give in to the pull of checking email, scrolling on social media, or watching YouTube videos. It’s easy because those things are engineered to be addictive. I used to lose hours lost in technology when I was working on a big scary project. My unconscious mind would distract me, trying to “protect me” from putting myself out there and exposing myself to possible rejection. Now I spend my mornings focused on my most important work and wait until noon to check email and social media. My notifications are always turned off by default. I am more focused than ever before and I get so much done each day that I am able to shut down my computer at night and spend time with my husband.

Are you ready to wake up and make a real commitment to improving the quality of your life? Would you like the freedom to focus and get stuff done instead of getting lost in the deliberately addictive distraction of technology? I would love to support you!

My 1-on-1 clients experience REAL RESULTS ... and very QUICKLY ... thanks to the proprietary Neuro Focus Shift Method that I developed. It’s a simple and very powerful technique that enables you to break through your natural resistance to making small changes that have big impacts. It's the difference between "knowing what to do" and "getting it done." It eliminates the fears and negative emotional attachments that stand in the way of smooth and easy success.

In 60 to 90 minutes, I can help you eliminate that need to distract yourself ... so you can immediately start using your time more effectively. What will you do with an extra hour or two every day? That’s 20 to 40 extra hours a month, month after month. Move your business ahead faster. Invest in your intimate relationships. Be a better parent. Give more back to the world. Be more present, awake, and alive.

Schedule a 1-on-1 Time Suck Eliminator session with me via Zoom. You can find this on my website normally priced at $697 … but on this page only, you can save $200 and experience profound results for only $497. Check out my clients’ testimonials and see for yourself how effective this is. I am so confident that this will change your life, that your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

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